Megahertz Avionics Projects!

Megahertz Avionics Projects

This is a Cessna 210 that we have installed an Aspen EFD1000

into with minor panel modification. We also did the radio stack

on a previous install.

This is an F-86 Sabre that we installed an Aspen EFD1000 and a Garmin

radio and gps package in. This project also required the stripping and

repainting of the cockpit.

This is a Cessna 310 project which was completed in August. It includes dual

Garmin 430's, A Garmin 330  TIS Transponder a Garmin GMA340 Audio

Panel with Marker and Intercom and a Garmin MX20 Display with WSI weather.

A Bendix King KI825 Electronic HSI and an Stec 55X Autopilot. A Shadin

Fuel Flow, Airdata, and Heading Sensor for the 430.

Megahertz Avionics Projects!

Megahertz Avionics Projects!

This is a Cessna Citation 550 which we completed in January 2005.

It includes an Avidyne EX 500 with Honeywell KMH 880.

Megahertz Avionics Projects!

This is a recent Cessna Conquest project which was completed February 2003.

It includes dual Garmin 530's, Dual Garmin 330's and a Garmin GDL49 Weather

Datalink. An Avidyne 850 with Goodrich TCAS and WX 500 Stormscope. A

Shadin Fuel Flow/Airdata/Heading Sensor for the 530.

Megahertz Avionics Projects!

This is a King Air project we did installing the Chilton displays, before and after shots.

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